19/09/16 Magazine , Video , Vision

The Mercy

We arrive at The Mercy, weary and cynical. We’ve resigned to the status quo. “There is no other way”, we tell ourselves. Our gloom is interrupted, suddenly—the clouds break and reveal the starry sky. A helpless baby is born, of nobody much at all. But this baby is the Prince of Shalom, and of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. Continue reading

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15/09/16 Magazine , Video , Vision

The Mess

The Mess is our drive for autonomy that put us on a track flowing against the grain of the created order. They called it the “fall”, which it was in a sense. But it was also the beginning of a treacherous climb. Grasping and clawing our way over each other—over Creation itself—in pursuit of the top. Destruction, death, decay… repeat. We are in desperate need of someone to show us a better way. Continue reading

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09/09/16 Magazine , Video , Vision

The Miracle

We are a miracle—the beloved children of God, created for good relationship with God and all of creation. The Miracle explores the inherent identity and dignity we’ve been given by our Maker. Continue reading

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01/09/16 Magazine , Video , Vision

The Magnificence

When God created everything, He saw that it was GOOD. Diverse, complex, beautiful. The Magnificence is a reflection on God the eternal, creative beyond imagination, holding all things together and making space for the created order to thrive.

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