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Wollongong – More Than Just A Funny Word

Wollongong, informally referred to as “The Gong” is a seaside city located in South Eastern Australia. Wollongong is noted for its industry, port activity and the quality of its physical setting, occupying a narrow coastal plain between an almost continuous chain of surf beaches and the cliff line of the rainforest-covered Illawarra escarpment. Continue reading

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Are you Willing?

It is all too easy to fall into the downward spiral of doubt and confusion, but it is often the moment when we take a risk that creates space for God to reveal himself to us. Miranda’s journey of coming to do a Discipleship Training School is a great example of how God looks at our heart and calls us despite our emotions and the circumstances around us.

Maybe God is asking you the simple question: “Are you willing?”

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The Movement

Christ’s resurrection and the release of the Spirit kicked off a new era. As we pursue Jesus, we become like him, and take up our role as ‘ministers of reconciliation’ wherever we are, and wherever he sends us. Beginning in Acts, The Movement looks at the waves of those who have fully surrendered and followed after Jesus. He showed us the Creator’s love, and told us we’re surrounded by it. He showed us the lies we were basing everything on, and revealed the deepest truth. He showed us a life lived to the full, and invited us to try it. He gave us everything, holding nothing back. And now we GO because Jesus came.  Continue reading

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The Mountain

Isaiah 2. Where is this all heading? The Mountain is about God’s plan to fully redeem all of creation; the Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. It doesn’t begin at some unknown time in the future—Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. How do we live in the tension between the ‘already’ and the ‘not yet’ of this reality? Continue reading

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The Mercy

We arrive at The Mercy, weary and cynical. We’ve resigned to the status quo. “There is no other way”, we tell ourselves. Our gloom is interrupted, suddenly—the clouds break and reveal the starry sky. A helpless baby is born, of nobody much at all. But this baby is the Prince of Shalom, and of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. Continue reading

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The Mess

The Mess is our drive for autonomy that put us on a track flowing against the grain of the created order. They called it the “fall”, which it was in a sense. But it was also the beginning of a treacherous climb. Grasping and clawing our way over each other—over Creation itself—in pursuit of the top. Destruction, death, decay… repeat. We are in desperate need of someone to show us a better way. Continue reading

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The Miracle

We are a miracle—the beloved children of God, created for good relationship with God and all of creation. The Miracle explores the inherent identity and dignity we’ve been given by our Maker. Continue reading

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The Magnificence

When God created everything, He saw that it was GOOD. Diverse, complex, beautiful. The Magnificence is a reflection on God the eternal, creative beyond imagination, holding all things together and making space for the created order to thrive.

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A Life Worth Living

Throughout the chaos of life, God is committed to continually restoring the depths of who we are. Healing our wounds, gently wooing us to take those next steps and ultimately saying, “yes” to something far greater than ourselves. Jade is a part of our YWAM Wollongong family and she exemplifies what it means to keep choosing life.

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The Power of Purpose

Our lives are made up of clear snap shots in time, called memories. Some fade in to the wind and some stick with us until we are a ripe old age. Mele, a former student from New Zealand has an amazing encounter to share with the world. Continue reading

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