Youth Mission Trip

Mission Adventures

Mission Adventures is a 2-3 week program that offers a dynamic hands-on missions experience for your youth group, school or circle of friends. Our heart is to create a safe environment for Aussie youth to grow in their relationship with God and to impact the lives of people in need.

If you’re a youth pastor or a teacher, the thought of taking your teens on a mission trip can be overwhelming. Let us help. We take care of the logistics of your adventure (food, housing, ground transportation, devotions, worship, outreaches etc), and allow the time to minister to your youth.


Get together with a group of experienced YWAM staff who will walk alongside your youth as they practice effectively presenting the Gospel message to people of different cultures. Participants will be equipped through teaching, team building exercises, games, worship and prayer; all with the purpose of sharing their faith and serving the needs of others.


There’s nothing quite like a cross-cultural experience with Mission Adventures to help young people grow in their faith. As they discover God’s heart and follow where he leads, they’ll find themselves stretched beyond their comfort zone and in a position where they will see God move.


Mission Adventures is designed to help teens experience God in their lives. The outreach provides an opportunity for every person on the team to use their God given skills and abilities. We cater the outreach to your group, doing our best to make it a life changing experience for everyone involved.

Possible Ministry Opportunities

  • Working with a church in a cross cultural setting
  • Kids’ ministry (working in an orphanage, going on hospital visits, etc)
  • Mercy ministry (working in soup kitchens, rehab centres, youth centres, etc)
  • Community service (basic yard work, painting, etc)
  • Larger projects are available in some destinations. These might require additional funds. Let us know what kind of projects you’d be interested in pursuing.

Interested in a Mission adventures programme or keen to join the Mission Adventures team?