Training Staff

School Staff

Remember those people who walked, cried, and jumped up and down in excitement with you? Here is your chance to become one of them. DTS doesn’t end after 6 months. We offer an opportunity for you to be one of those crazy staff members who both initiates dance parties and reminds you that God is bigger than your circumstances. If you have done your DTS at YWAM Wollongong (or anywhere else for that matter), we welcome you to come and walk alongside the next wave of students, applying the things you learned on your school and helping others gain authority in the areas you have won.

Do First then Teach

After completion of a second level school you will be able to staff that particular course as well. We also get excited when someone joins us with a vision to pioneer a new school or program. No matter what area of training you want to be involved with, we firmly believe our authority comes from firsthand experience.

Get Established in Ministry

Joining staff at YWAM Wollongong provides an opportunity for further character development, growth in leadership skills, and for a deeper understanding of God’s heart for mankind. Senior staff will walk alongside you and help you discover your purpose and calling. Even if you join staff with the intention to work in a specific area, there might be a season where we need you to help out in a different ministry on campus. Above all, our desire is to hear what God is speaking to you and to empower you to follow Him.