July 5, 2016

Where He Calls You

Where He Calls You


God has done an amazing thing in my life by bringing me to this place. I was a home body, city girl who wanted all of her college friends to live on the same street and grow old together. Now I live on the other side of the world with no one I knew 6 years ago. 

It’s crazy to think in the past, when people felt called to missions they up and left everythingto the point that some even brought along their coffins. The decision to go entailed an abrupt and inevitable disconnect with home. Now, quite the contrast. I have the technology to see my family face-to-face and instantly, despite time zones and thousands of miles between us.

When I think of home I think familiar comforts and food, faces I recognize and streets I can easily manage.  It’s a wonder for those brave forerunners how a sense of home was attained amidst the unfamiliar.

I’m inspired by those who’ve gone before, Elisabeth Elliot for example. She loses her husband, the main pillar of her family and yet returns devoted and single to the same jungle village of those who took his life.  Something in that bravery helps me see home and how it is possible without the familiar. It couldn’t have been easy, but somehow home was established. 

I miss my family and my friends and all the traditions and celebrations from where I grew up, but the concept of home for me has expanded. 

I think it’s about where He’s called you. 

I think it’s about seeing the people and circumstances around you through Christ’s eyes, acknowledging our connectedness despite diversity. 

I think it’s about intimacy with God. 

We’re an eclectic bunch here at YWAM Wollongong. Transient, imperfect, visionary, persistent, joyful, sometimes just downright weird. But, we journey together. When I look at the faces around me and see their hearts to see His kingdom come, it fuels that connectivity. It fuels that sense of home.

I’m grateful He brought me here and uses those around me to remind me that home isn’t necessarily where my fickle heart is, home is where He calls me.

Written by Krista.

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