September 1, 2016

The Magnificence

When God created everything, He saw that it was GOOD. Diverse, complex, beautiful. The Magnificence is a reflection on God the eternal, creative beyond imagination, holding all things together and making space for the created order to thrive.

This six part video series, “The Story”, came about after our Create Emerge team committed to produce media content for Go-Fest, a missions conference that would take place in 2015. The Magnificence, The Miracle, The Mess, The Movement, and The Mountain, quickly became building blocks for the video themes intended to bring to life the Biblical journey “from creation to new creation”. The next year and a half was filled with prayer, script writing, music production, and then adding visuals to the music soundtracks of each video. Combined together, they artistically portray the great story of our Creator, and our existence within that story.

Magazine , Video , Vision
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